How to Clean the Polar Fleece Fabric?

How to Clean the Polar Fleece Fabric?


If improperly cleaned, the polar fleece fabric may not be washed clean, and even its fabric structure is damaged. Today, let’s talk about the method of cleaning the polar fleece fabric.

How to Clean the Polar Fleece Fabric?
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In recent years, polar fleece fabrics have been very popular. Outerwear made of this fabric is thick and warm when worn, and very windproof. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, polar fleece fabrics are more popular. In order to keep polar fleece fabrics in a good performance and prolong service life, we need to pay attention to the following matters during the cleaning.

(1) Polar fleece fabrics can be washed by hand, but a relatively large container needs to be prepared, and it needs to be rinsed many times after washing. Because the special fabric of polar fleece fabric is more absorbent, it will be very heavy after being dipped in water. There may also be the possibility that the rinsing is not clean, so we need to prepare a relatively large cleaning container as much as possible, and then perform multiple rinsing during rinsing.

(2) Polar fleece can be washed by machine. Polar fleece is not like other fur coats, so there is no problem even if it is washed directly in a washing machine. If it is to be washed in a washing machine, it is recommended to soak it with washing powder first, and the washing procedure can be normal standard washing.

However, we need to clarify the holding weight of the washing machine. We must know that the polar fleece jacket is very heavy after absorbing water. If the holding weight of the washing machine is too low, it may not be cleaned.

If you use a washing machine to clean, it is best to put it in a laundry bag. After all, polar fleece is also a kind of clothing with a strong sense of plush. If you don’t use a laundry bag, it will increase the friction between the fleece fabric and the washing machine, which is likely to cause some damage to the polar fleece fabric, so it is recommended to put on a laundry bag, which can play a role in protecting the fabric structure.

(4) Polar fleece fabric is actually relatively easy to clean. Its biggest feature is that it is easy to absorb dust and is not easy to be contaminated with oil. Therefore, the biggest requirement for cleaning the polar fleece fabric is to clean the dust.

(5) If the polar fleece fabric is partially stained with grease or stains, we can choose to clean a separate part, and only clean the dirty parts of the polar fleece fabric, which is also a time-saving and labor-saving way.

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