What is Sherpa Fabric?

What is Sherpa Fabric?


The most famous feature of Sherpa fabric is its excellent warmth retention ability, which can withstand cold weather. Today, let’s talk about what Sherpa fabric is.

What is Sherpa Fabric?
information about what is Sherpa fabric
Fluffy and soft Sherpa fabric is a knitted fabric, famous for being used as lining for winter and even household items. This fabric can provide a more comfortable feeling for any product and is very suitable for use in colder months. In this article, we will provide you with a lot of information about what is Sherpa fabric.

This fabric is named after the Sherpa of Nepal. This fabric is usually made of pure cotton, polyester, and other synthetic fibers, synthetic fibers, or a mixture of cotton fibers. Sherpa fabric is also called artificial wool. Sherpa fabric is a good substitute for animal hair, and it is much cheaper than a fur or real wool.

Sherpa fabric has two surfaces. One surface is sewn, which is a kind of harsh and soft wool surface equivalent to real fleece, while the opposite surface is a smooth sewn shell.

Although it is mainly used as a lining for outerwear such as jackets or coats, we can also use Sherpa fabrics for baby blankets because babies need to stay comfortable and warm, especially when the temperature drops. Therefore, the baby blanket made of super soft Sherpa fabric is comfortable and warm.

Sherpa fabric is made of polyester fabric, as we said before, it has two sides-one looks like cashmere and the other is a smooth knitted fabric. Many people will confuse Sherpa fabric with fleece fabric. Some differences between Sherpa fabric and fleece fabric:


One of the significant differences between these two fabrics is their thickness. Sherpa fabric is lightly woven and has fluff on the other side, which is not particularly thick.

Easy to take care of

Both fabrics are very easy to care for. Both can be machine washed, but you should wash them in cold water and avoid putting them in the dryer.


Sherpa fabrics are mainly used as warm linings in blankets and coats, while fleece fabrics go well with coats and jackets.

It is worth noting that if you use another fabric to line your Sherpa, consider washing that fabric first (because if the Sherpa does not shrink during washing, other fabrics will shrink during the first wash).
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