What is Rib Knit Fabric?

What is Rib Knit Fabric?


In this article, you can learn more about the characteristics and structure of rib knit fabrics, so as to make better choices of fabrics.

What is Rib Knit Fabric?
characteristics and structure of rib-knitted fabrics
Rib knitted fabric is a knitted fabric in which a single yarn is formed in wales on the front and back sides in sequence. Rib knitted fabric has the dispersibility, hemming, and extensibility of plain weave fabric, and also has greater elasticity. Ribbed knitted fabrics are often used to make the collar and cuffs of T-shirts, which have a better body-fitting effect and great elasticity. The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics and structure of rib-knitted fabrics.

Ribbing is the basic structure of the double-sided circular knitting machine fabric, which is configured by a certain proportion of the front side loop wales and the backside loop wales. Common ones are 1+1 ribs (flat ribs), 2+2 ribs, and spandex ribs.

In terms of material composition, it is mainly composed of animal fibers, plant fibers, and chemical fibers. The most commonly used material for ribs is not ginseng wool, which is made of 100% acrylic worsted. It has the characteristics of anti-pilling, anti-shrinkage, high strength, and heavy hand feeling.

The rib is very suitable for weaving the cuffs and hem of winter clothes. There are two types of ribs, one is flat knitting ribs, and the other is circular knitting ribs.

Flat knitting ribs can be divided into two categories, namely large computerized flat knitting ribs and general flat knitting ribs. Large computerized flat knitting machines are expensive and can weave patterns, but general flat knitting machines do not have this function. Most flat knitting ribs on the market are woven by ordinary flat knitting machines.

Because of the special weaving method, rib knitted fabrics have better elasticity, so rib fabrics also have better elasticity. Clothing made of stretch fabrics also has many advantages. First of all, the clothes can recover quickly after they are deformed. Wrinkles and wrinkles are not simple; secondly, this kind of clothes will not have a sense of restraint, whether it is close to the body or on the outside, it is very comfortable to wear.

Cotton ribbed knit fabric will have a softer feel. Of course, ribbed fabric has clear lines and beautiful and easy-to-wear fabrics, so this type of fabric is also favored by workwear designers.

The production cost of rib fabric is not high. Cotton and polyester are relatively simple raw materials, so the price of rib knitted fabric is relatively low.

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