Production Process of Functional Polar Fleece Knitted Fabric

Production Process of Functional Polar Fleece Knitted Fabric


This article will share the production process of functional polar fleece knitted fabrics for your reference.

Production Process of Functional Polar Fleece Knitted Fabric
the manufacturing process of knitted fabric pre-treatment,
The thermal performance of the fabric can be mainly considered from three aspects: finishing with additives, increasing the thickness of the fabric, and using special functional yarns. Fabrics finished with additives are not resistant to washing, and increasing the thickness of the fabrics will lead to unsightly clothing in some aspects.

However, the use of special functional yarns to develop fast-heating and warm-keeping fabrics can not only satisfy the current consumers' pursuit of light, thin and fashionable fabrics It can also ensure the washability of the fabric. The following is the production process of functional polar fleece knitted fabrics.

Raw material selection

Yarn can achieve warmth and heat generation from the following aspects: The fiber itself releases heat energy when it absorbs moisture, such as wool and man-made fibers.

The fast heating yarn is based on polyester as the carrier, which combines volcanic rock and organic plant carbonized materials to form a composite structure of trace metal elements and carbon materials. The minerals and trace elements in the volcanic rock can easily absorb heat energy, and its structure is irregular.

The porous structure can generate heat storage function. Fast heating yarn can be used to develop products with functions of heat storage and heating, moisture absorption and heating, and far-infrared rays.

Dyeing and finishing process

Fabric dyeing and finishing process: weaving→scouring setting→drying→finishing→setting→finished product.

(1) Refining and shaping

By scouring to remove oil stains, dirt, etc. on the surface of the fabric, at the same time, the internal stress generated by the fiber during the weaving process is removed, and the fabric has a good feel and elasticity.

(2) Post-processing

Finishing mainly includes brushing, combing, shearing, and polar fleece processes. The finishing process is an important step in the appearance and feel of polar fleece fabrics. The speed of brushing, combing, and shearing should be controlled at about 30 m/min, and the speed should be reduced during the shaking process to make the fabric fully grained.

(3) Forming

Arrange the specifications and feel of knitted fabrics to ensure the quality of the fabrics.

The precautions in the dyeing and finishing process include the following:

(1) The amount of raising oil is generally not more than 3%. If the fabric is thick, and the finished product needs to be fluffy and soft, the amount of raising oil can be appropriately increased, but an excessive amount of raising oil will affect the effect of the bristles, resulting in difficulty in brushing;

(2) The relationship between loss, grain size, and hand feel need to be considered when shearing. Generally, the longer the shearing is, the larger the grain is, and the softer the fabric feels;

(3) The size of the granulation has a lot to do with the temperature and humidity of the workshop and the shaking time. Generally, the higher the workshop humidity, the longer the shaking time, the easier the particles are to clump together, and the larger the particles.

The knitted fabric developed with fast heat yarn, its heating, and heat preservation function is formed by the high-temperature carbonization of the yarn itself, rather than being sorted out by chemical additives, so the function is long-lasting, will not be lost due to repeated washing, and is safe and environmentally friendly. The fabrics made by QIKUN TEXTILE have excellent heating performance indicators, which meet consumers' requirements for light and thin clothing fabrics in autumn and winter.

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