What Are the Precautions for the Maintenance of Polar Fleece Fabrics?

What Are the Precautions for the Maintenance of Polar Fleece Fabrics?


Based on years of experience, QIKUN TEXTILE has sorted out the precautions for maintaining polar fleece fabrics for your reference.

What Are the Precautions for the Maintenance of Polar Fleece Fabrics?
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Polar fleece is a very common fabric in autumn and winter clothes. Many people improperly operate in the process of cleaning and maintenance, resulting in shrinkage and deformation of the fabric. By understanding the maintenance methods of these polar fleece fabrics, we can avoid damage to the fabric structure of the polar fleece fabric.

1. Under the same conditions, the warmth retention of polar fleece is twice that of Merino wool and four times that of cotton. It can keep body temperature very well, it is also very easy to clean, and it dries easily. Before washing the polar fleece clothes, first, pat the dust off the surface of the clothes. Polar fleece is still very easy to absorb dust, and then you can wash it by hand.

2. If it is to be washed in the washing machine, it is recommended to soak it with washing powder first, and the standard washing procedure can be selected. If the washing machine has a heating function, you can also use it together, which can improve the washing rate.

3. In addition, it should be noted that we need to estimate whether the weight of the fleece is greater than the maximum allowable washing capacity of the washing machine. Only when it does not exceed this standard can it be placed in the washing machine.

4. First check the stains of the fleece fabric. If there are local stains, you can hand wash the special laundry liquid stock solution to the stain, completely cover the stain, let it stand for five minutes, and then add the laundry liquid for regular washing.

5. If you find that the polar fleece is yellowing, you must wash it in time. Adding an appropriate amount of neutral detergent to the water can remove the yellow stains well and make the clothes glow with bright colors. Using rice water to remove yellow stains is also very effective. Polar fleece fabrics generally need to be soaked in rice water for an hour, and moderate scrubbing can achieve the effect.

6. In order to ensure the softness of the washed polar fleece, some softener can be placed in the final rinsing.

7. Choose a suitable place or location. Choose a ventilated and dry place for storage and storage of fleece fabrics, avoid places with high humidity and volatile gases, and try to reduce air humidity to prevent polar fleece fabrics from being polluted by odorous gases.

8. When storing polar fleece clothes, in order to avoid deformation of the clothes, hang them up during storage, keep a certain distance between the clothes, and don't put them in a mess.

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